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Product Description:

The 6 bands adjustable jammer can block 6 different frequencies at the same time.With the radius up to 50 meters it can be used in the church,court,prison,home,museum and school examination room,etc to jam the cell phone,WIFI,VHF,UHF ,GPS signals( it depend on what you choose) to keep silence, protect the privacy and avoid cheating.The product has built-in cooling fan against overheating with which it can work for a long time.


Powerful output

Widest frequency range with 6 bands

Large jamming radius up to 50 meters

Can work for a long time continuously with built-in cooling fan


Frequencies Supported:

CDMA (870-880MHz)

GSM (930-960MHz)

DCS/PHS (1805-1918MHz)


3G/4G (2010-2145MHz)

315 MHz or 433 MHz

VHF (135-174 MHz) 

UHF (400-470MHz)

GPS (1570-1580MHz) 

WIFI 2.4G (2400-2500MHz)

Please note that the jammer is only available to jam up to 6 defferent frequencies mentioned above at the same time.

Working Radius: 2-50 meters (depending on the signal strength in the given area)

Power Supply: AC power adapter

Dimensions Of Device: 140x50x305mm

Weight Of Product: 2.7kg

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  • Wireless Signal Jammer Protect your privacy Any trace of the GPS satellite signal effectively, protect your privacy and confidential information, to prevent being followed by the GPS satellite positioning .
  • wireless signal blocker Avoid fire explosion in gas stations Mobile phone will appear in the process of call spark, easy to cause fire, gas explosion, use jammers can effectively avoid this problem.
  • Good Quality Walkie Talkie Signal Jammer Jammers can guarantee fair exam In order to reflect the fair of the examination, the examination room on the use of cell phone signal jammers. Phone can't establish connection with the base station, achieve the goal of shielding cell phone signal.
  • portable jammer device Used for church Church is a place where a solemn and quiet, and supplication is devotion to god. Then the environment requires jammers.
  • How to Block 3G Signals Prevent prisoners escaped from prison The prisoner is a group that is harmful to the society, prison break events are occurring, jammers cut off all contact with the outside world, they prevent the escape!